Fantasy basketball dynasty rankings for both H2H contending and rebuilding strategies, along with overall Roto rankings.

Rebuilding Rankings: To qualify, players must be 27 or younger to start the 2018-19 season.

Last updated: 26 July 2018 by @dynoNBA and @macetastic
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1 Karl-Anthony Towns 23MINCRock solid as always. Best big man in dynasty. Take him at the top of your dynasty drafts and enjoy the next decade.
2 Giannis Antetokounmpo 24MILSF/PFHe's already so good, and he will only be turning 24 next season. How much better can he get?
3 Anthony Davis 25NORPF/CWhile there are some injury concerns with Davis they are definitely overblown. Arguably the best player in fantasy when he's on the court.
4 James Harden 29HOUPG/SGEvery year I think we've seen Harden's best season, but he continues to get better. Still has plenty of prime years left.
5 Kevin Durant 30GSWSF/PFIt looks like last year's career high in blocks weren't a fluke. He helps out across the board and doesn't hurt you anywhere.
6 Stephen Curry 30GSWPG/SGBest 3-point shooter of all time. Will continue to be a fantasy asset for years to come. His game will age like fine wine.
7 Nikola Jokic 23DENPF/CHe's just so steady and his passing vision is already at an elite level for a big man. Who says big men are dead?
8 Joel Embiid 24PHIPF/CHe's definitely the most fun player in the NBA. If he can stay healthy he could challenge for the number one spot in dynasty.
9 Ben Simmons 22PHIPGGenerational talent that will have Philly competing for a title for the next decade. Wouldn't be shocked if he added some range to his jumper with age.
10 Russell Westbrook 30OKCPGHe definitely leads you into a punt FG% and TO build, but it's worth everything else he does on the court. PG and Russ are locked in as OKC's future.
11 Victor Oladipo 26INDPG/SGDamn, this guy is good. The addition of Tyreke could take the ball out of his hands some, but he's a great pick at the 1st/2nd round turn.
12 Kawhi Leonard 27TORSG/SFThere is still a chance to buy-low on him now. I would be shocked if he stays in Toronto past this season, but I thought the same about PG.
13 LeBron James 34LALSF/PFLA-bron should just be slightly watered down version of the fantasy monster we're used too. If you're not contending you should be shopping him.
14 Kyrie Irving 26BOSPG/SGAs long as he's healthy he's going to be the engine of the Celtics.
15 Donovan Mitchell 22UTAPG/SGMitchell will have several top-10 overall finishes in his career. He's truly an elite two-way SG
16 Devin Booker 22PHOPG/SGThis guy checks every box when I'm looking for elite dynasty potential. Took another step forward last season.
17 Kristaps Porzingis 23NYKPF/CHe was on an absolute tear before he got injured. I have no issue buying him now and stashing him on IR for the year.
18 Damian Lillard 28PORPGAs someone that just relocated outside of Portland I hope the Blazers don't do something stupid and trade him. His game is built to age nicely.
19 John Wall 28WASPGHe's not the dynasty asset he used to be but he's still one of the favorites to lead the league in assists every season.
20 Paul George 28OKCSG/SFI'm a little bummed he didn't go take over his own team somewhere, but he was still a monster last season.
21 Jimmy Butler 29MINSG/SFEventually the miles will start to catch up with JB, but I'm down to ride his two-way production until the bottom falls out.
22 Bradley Beal 25WASSGI haven't met anyone higher on Beal than me. He still has room to grow alongside Wall. I loved what I saw out of him last year.
23 Luka Doncic 19DALPG/SG/SFIt’s crazy to me that he slid all the way to three in the draft. He's been my No. 1 for a while. Fantasy and NBA superstar potential. This rank could be too low.
24 Jayson Tatum 20BOSSF/PFOnly reason he is this low is because I'm a little bit nervous about what happens when Hayward gets back. Tatum is going to be so good it might not matter, though
25 Andre Drummond 25DETPF/CBig, big jump for Drummond. He's done everything you could have asked out of him.
26 DeMar DeRozan 29SASSG/SFWell, DeRozan is a Spur. He's now Pop's number one scoring option (Maybe best pure scorer ever?), which is good. The Spurs also slow the pace a ton so that could hurt him. Risk/Reward.
27 Clint Capela 24HOUPF/CFits perfectly with Harden and CP3. I hope he signs a long-term deal and spends the next few seasons catching beautiful lobs and blocking shots.
28 Myles Turner 22INDPF/CThe buy-low window is still there. I think he turns it around in year two alongside Oladipo.
29 Jamal Murray 21DENPG/SGHe has true superstar potential. I'm not exactly sure what to make of the Isaiah Thomas signing, but I can see them playing together for short stretches.
30 Draymond Green 28GSWPF/CIt doesn't matter how many superstars GS adds, Draymond will always be a fantasy star. Obviously not a huge scorer, but helps in basically every other category.
31 Rudy Gobert 26UTACIf he can stay healthy he's a huge asset. He seems to be undervalued in a lot of my leagues. Throw out a low-ball offer and see what happens.
32 Khris Middleton 27MILSG/SFHe's going to have to do more with Jabari gone. Alredy as steady as they come, how much better does he get this year?
33 Klay Thompson 28GSWSG/SFHis defensive numbers don't translate into how good of a defender he actually is. His elite shooting will keep him inside the top 50.
34 DeAndre Ayton 20PHOCShould come in and be able to score, grab boards, and block some shots with nice percentages right away.
35 Jaren Jackson Jr 19MEMPFHas the potential to be the best fantasy producer in this class. Looked amazing in just 21 minutes per game at Michigan St.
36 Jrue Holiday 28NORPG/SGI hope Jrue’s injuries are in the past. He’s such a fun player to watch when he’s hitting on all cylinders. The way he manhandled Portland in the playoffs was scary.
37 Kemba Walker 28CHAPGHe's up there on the leaderboards for guys who spend the most time supposedly about to be traded.
38 Aaron Gordon 23ORLSF/PFHe has a very well rounded fantasy game. I love that he's hitting close to two 3's per game while snagging a steal and a block now.
39 D'Angelo Russell 22BKNPG/SGI'm excited to see Russell back on the floor healthy. They've added a lot of pieces in the backcourt but I'm still in on DLO.
40 Otto Porter 25  Nice production with very low turnovers. One of the best 9-cat guys in the game, just doesn't have as much upside as the guys ahead of him.
41 C.J. McCollum 27PORPG/SGI still dream that someday he will become the number one scoring option on a team and handle the ball more. A lock for top-50 production.
42 Gordon Hayward 28BOSSG/SFI don't expect the Gordon Hayward numbers of old, but he's going to remind people how good he is quickly. Boston is looking like one of the only threats to GS.
43 Kevin Love 30CLEPF/CIf he stays in Cleveland he should have a definite uptick in his stats. Could we see shades of the old KLove?
44 Tobias Harris 26LACSF/PFHe's going to put up monster numbers as the Clippers rebuild.
45 Lonzo Ball 21LALPGThe percentage are terrible but his counting stats are solid in a H2H league. Knee surgery opens a buy-low window. Like the fit next to LeBron long-term.
46 Brandon Ingram 21LALSG/SFI think the addition of LeBron allows Ingram to thrive as the 2nd scorer for the Lakers. Still incredibly young.
47 Lauri Markkanen 21CHIPFI love the pairing of Lauri and Wendell Carter in the frontcourt for my Bulls. He should take on an even bigger piece of the offense this year.
48 John Collins 21ATLPF/CI wouldn't be shocked if this is next year's Most Improved Player. Collins is going to get all of the work he can handle as the Hawks best big man.
49 Dennis Smith Jr 21DALPG/SGHe's explosive as hell and the Mavs have surrounded him with nice weapons. Doncic and Smith have put the Mavs on League Pass Alert.
50 Gary Harris 24DENSG/SFLooooove Gary Harris. The perfect complementary piece at a fairly weak position. He forms a nice tandem with Jokic long-term.
51 Markelle Fultz 20PHIPG/SGMake sure to check in with the Markelle Fultz owner in your league to see if you can buy-low. He was the No. 1 pick for a reason.
52 Kyle Lowry 32TORPGDidn't crap out down the stretch last season. Getting up there in age and I wouldn't be shocked if it is a somewhat rough fall from grace when he starts to falter.
53 Eric Bledsoe 29MILPG/SGMilwaukee fits him very well. Love that he is a near-lock for 2 steals per game with over 5 assists.
54 Chris Paul 33HOUPGRide him while you can, just know the injuries are coming at some point.
55 Blake Griffin 29DETPF/CDoes do much for your defensive stats but he's a solid piece for your fantasy squads. Elite assists for a big man.
56 Al Horford 32BOSPF/CHe produces all across the board and his game doesn't have to change when Kyrie/Hayward are back.
57 LaMarcus Aldridge 33SASPF/CWell, Kawhi left and I predicted that would allow LMA to take off, but they got Derozan back who take just as many looks in the offense. Value stays about the same for me.
58 Robert Covington 28PHISF/PFRoCo is an absolute fantasy monster. Contributes all across the board, and should be able to retain most of his value as Philly grows.
59 Marc Gasol 33MEMCA case of production now vs age. He will likely finish inside the top 30 as long as he stays on the court this year.
60 DeAndre Jordan 30DALCAll the sudden Dallas is looking like a team that is trying to compete for a back-end playoff spot. Not a 2 block per game guy anymore but still solid.
61 Trae Young 20ATLPGI think his shooting is going to keep him on the court. Not scared off by his Summer League at all.
62 Wendell Carter Jr 19CHICThis guy looks like he has Al Horford-Lite type potential. The Rebs/3pt/Blk combo is juicy.
63 Marvin Bagley III 19SACPFI think he is going to grow into a really nice fantasy producer. Averaged 21 and 11 in the ACC with 39.7% from deep. (58 attempts.)
64 DeMarcus Cousins 28GSWPF/CYou probably won't see him this year for fantasy purposes. Worth buying low but the Achilles is a killer. One of my two favorites players in the league so I'm rooting for him.
65 Taurean Prince 24ATLSFI don't think he ever finishes inside the top 30, but he is a lock for the top-75. Should get near or over a half block per game with steals/threes.
66 Kris Dunn 24CHIPG/SGHis steals should keep him in the top-75 overall as long as he's getting the playing time.
67 Josh Richardson 25MIAPG/SGSwiss army knife for fantasy. Ridiculous defensive numbers for a SG. A fringe top-50 guy that you can get for a lot cheaper.
68 Steven Adams 25OKCCHe surpassed all expectations this season. Really settled into a nice role.
69 Nikola Vucevic 28ORLPF/CNow that he's hitting three's he really doesn't have any real weaknesses for fantasy. Will outplay whatever it takes to get him.
70 Hassan Whiteside 29MIACThere are flashes where Whiteside looks like he belongs in the conversation for best Center in the league. Great mid-round dynasty pick.
71 Lou Williams 32LACPG/SGWhat a season LouWill put together. I was honestly shocked to see him re-sign with the Clips. You know what he is at this point in his career.
72 Zach LaVine 23CHIPG/SGStruggled with his FG% but put up nice counting numbers when he came back from injury. Good stats, bad team guy if he can stay healthy.
73 Andrew Wiggins 23MINSG/SFI still believe in the talent. He just hasn't put it all together for an entire season yet. Still young enough to make it happen.
74 Jusuf Nurkic 24PORCA nice complement to Dame and CJ on a very reasonable contract. Should retain similar value to what he did last season.
75 Jonas Valanciunas 26TORCAhh my boy JV. Had a really good year last season. Not a modern center but I love what he does for your percentages.
76 Enes Kanter 26NYKCEnes has really stepped up and seized the job. Not a ton on defense but a nice scoring/board combo.
77 Bogdan Bogdanovic 26SACSG/SFThis guy emerged on the scene last year. I would probably have him ranked higher but I don't trust the Kings.
78 Ricky Rubio 28UTAPGDon't think he ever becomes even league average in terms of FG%. Use him to stack up your assists and steals late in the draft.
79 Jarrett Allen 20BKNPF/CI was buying Jarrett Allen shares wherever I could last year and I think that gamble is going to pay off this season.
80 Jaylen Brown 22BOSSG/SFI think he can carve out a nice role as the 5th starter or 6th man when they have their entire roster healthy.
81 Dario Saric 24PHIPF/CNice all-around game that fits in perfectly with how the 76ers want to play.
82 Kyle Kuzma 23LALSF/PFHe's never going to be a top-25 guy but he had an excellent rookie year and is a solid shooter to surround Bron with.
83 De'Aaron Fox 21SACPGI'm interested to see what he turns into moving down the road. Not sold and sure as hell would have taken Doncic if I was Sacramento.
84 Buddy Hield 25SACSGHe finally started to put it together down the stretch last season. 15 points, 2.5 threes and a steal seems about right for this year.
85 Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 23BKNSF/PFRHJ does a little bit of everything besides shoot threes. Solid bet to outperform this ranking
86 Jonathan Isaac 21ORLPFProjects to be a 1+ Three's/Blocks/Steals guy while filling out points and boards very nicely. Stay patient.
87 Nikola Mirotic 27NORSF/PFHe's going to settle into a nice role as the Pelicans 6th man. Underrated defensive contributor that knocks down threes and grabs boards.
88 Jabari Parker 23CHISF/PFLet's see what he can do with a healthy offseason. He has the opportunity to be the No.1 scoring option for the Bulls.
89 Julius Randle 24NORPF/CFelt good to finally see Randle break out last year. He is going to be capped from a fantasy look due to AD/Niko but he's a quality big man to throw in your rotation.
90 Joe Ingles 31UTASG/SFHe's a bit older but he's not over the hill. One of the most fun players to watch in the league.
91 Jeff Teague 30MINPGA lot of talent around him in Minnesota this year. Should continue to dish out 6-7 assists per game.
92 Larry Nance Jr 25CLEPF/CI'm interested to see what Nance turns into this year without LeBron in Cleveland.
93 Jordan Bell 23GSWPF/CWouldn't be shocked if he is the opening day starter at Center and holds down the job until (if) Boogie gets back. Will stuff the stat-sheet.
94 Dejounte Murray 22SASPGDerrick White is going to steal some minutes, but Dejounte is a legit dynasty backup PG with upside. Love the defensive skills.
95 Serge Ibaka 29TORPF/CGood percentages and defensive numbers, but the rebounding has already started to dip and I don't see that turning around at this point in his career.
96 Will Barton 27DENSG/SFI don't think he repeats last year's numbers but he should play a nice role for the next few seasons as a secondary option for Denver.
97 Goran Dragic 32MIAPG/SGAnother guy starting to creep up in age but still producing. Make sure he fits your timeline.
98 Mike Conley 31MEMPGHe may be cooked but he's worth a gamble this deep. He was just under elite during his prime. Can we get 80% of that for 2 more years?
99 Dennis Schroder 25OKCPGSchroeder is still going to play a role off the bench, but Russ being the guy there definitely limits his upside. Big drop for Dennis.
100 Mohamed Bamba 20ORLCIf this 3Pt shot he's supposedly developed over the offseason is real then he will be a steal with pick 6.
101 Kevin Knox 19NYKSF/PFHad him at 10 during the pre-draft process and my first set of rookie rankings. I'm feeling somewhat validated.
102 Willie Cauley-Stein 25SACPF/CHe will be a great mid-round big man. He has a nice fantasy upside with his potential on defense.
103 Isaiah Thomas 29DENPGThis is the type of gamble I like to take this late. If he can get right it's not crazy to think he could climb back into the top-75.
104 Malcolm Brogdon 26MILPG/SGHopefully, he continues to see steady minutes. I like this guy a lot. I wanted to move him up higher.
105 Eric Gordon 30HOUSG3pt specialist that is a perfect fit for what Houston likes to do.
106 Kyle Anderson 25MEMSG/SFHe can fill up the stat-sheet, that's for sure. I'll be intrigued to see what he does outside of Pop's system. There's some bust potential here.
107 Nicolas Batum 30CHASG/SFIt's been up and down but you love him for all of his rebounds and assists from the SG spot.
108 Evan Fournier 26ORLSG/SFHe continues to get overlooked in Orlando but he keeps putting up numbers.
109 Harrison Barnes 26DALSF/PFI've cooled on him some but he's going to be a nice complementary piece for the Mavs.
110 Caris LeVert 24BKNSFI still think he can grow into a guy that averages 15/5/5 with a steal and three.
111 Bam Adebayo 21MIAPF/CShowed a little bit of ball handling and playmaking ability in Summer league. If the Heat move Whiteside Bam will skyrocket up the ranks but for now he's blocked.
112 Frank Ntilikina 20NYKPGThis is the year Franky Smokes busts on to the scene and becomes a fantasy contributor. I like what the Knicks have started to build.
113 OG Anunoby 21TORSF/PFThis pick is forecasting into the future but I'm extremely high on OG.
114 Michael Porter Jr 20DENSFYou might have to stash him but if he can get back to where he used to be his ceiling is huge. Love the landing spot. Could move up or down with news on health.
115 Mikal Bridges 22PHOSFShould be able to carve out a decent role off the bench sooner rather than later. Potential contributor in 3pt/Stl/Blk and %s.
116 Josh Jackson 21PHOSG/SFThe Suns have added a lot of bodies on the wing in Phoenix, but I still believe in him long-term.
117 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 20LACPGHe has looked outstanding at Summer League. There is a crowded backcourt in LA, but Shai is worth the stash. Top-75 upside.
118 Collin Sexton 19CLEPGHe's probably going to start at some point next season. Low Stl% which is troubling, but I think he will be better when he has better teammates around him.
119 Kent Bazemore 29ATLSG/SFHe's going to benefit from the Hawks rebuild. He will have a lot of room to grow as a player and put up big numbers.
120 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 25LALSG/SFHe may have already had his best fantasy season but he can defend and shoot three's which is what Bron needs around him.
121 Tim Hardaway Jr. 26NYKSG/SFHe should see a pretty large slice of the pie in New York the new few seasons. Don't think he's a special player, so his upside is capped.
122 Marcus Smart 24BOSPG/SGHe didn't break out the way I thought he would. Better real NBA player than fantasy but could improve if he ends up in a situation where he's asked to do more.
123 Elfrid Payton 24NORPGHe is what he is at this point.
124 Mario Hezonja 23NYKSG/SFI'm buying into the secondary hype on Hezonja in New York. I want to see him fully unleashed in a 6th man role.
125 Fred VanVleet 24TORPGIf he ever becomes the starter watch out.
126 T.J. Warren 25PHOSFPlayed well last year but there are beginning to be a lot of bodies in Phoenix.
127 Tyreke Evans 29INDPG/SGHe's going to take a step back in Indy, but he will still score, grab boards, and dish out assists from the SG/SF spot.
128 Derrick Favors 27UTAPF/CIf he can stay close to one steal+block I like what he brings.
129 Thaddeus Young 30INDSF/PFThaddeus is a beast in the steals department. I think he has turned into a nice fantasy veteran.
130 Josh Hart 23LALSG/SFHe's going to be a guy that should flirt with top-100 value. Older than you think though, already turning 24 this season.
131 Lonnie Walker 20  I feel like San Antonio is about to head toward the youth movement and Walker should thrive under Pop. Top-8 upside for Walker, injuries are a slight concern.
132 Zhaire Smith 19PHISG/SFKind of came out of no-where, leads me to believe there is still some room to grow. He's a project but I'll give Philly the benefit of the doubt. If he hits he will be a nice fit with Philly's stars.
133 James Johnson 31MIASF/PFDoes a little bit of everything for you. James Johnson doesn't put up flashy numbers but he can fill the stat-sheet.
134 Dwight Howard 33WASPF/CWill average a double-double with solid blocks, steals, and FG%. He's another FT tanker, and he's getting up there in age. If I'm not contending for a title I'm moving him.
135 Darren Collison 31INDPG/SGHe's continued to produce. Move him up until he comes back down.
136 Paul Millsap 33DENPF/CGoing to be a nice fantasy option this season, but I'd be looking to move on from him unless in a title run this year and next.
137 Markieff Morris 29WASPF/CA steady contributor from the PF spot. As long as he's in Washington their big 3 will allow Markieff space to get clean looks. Should be back soon.
138 Trevor Ariza 33PHOSG/SFGetting up there in age, but he seems to produce whenever he his on the court. Nice, cheap vet.
139 Carmelo Anthony 34HOUSF/PFThe Melo of old is gone, but in the right landing spot he can still beef up your Points, Reb, and Threes.
140 Brook Lopez 30MILCLanded in a perfect spot in to revive his career.
141 J.J. Redick 34PHISGJJ is on the wrong side of 30, but his playing style should allow him to keep doing what he does for another 2-3 years.
142 Rodney Hood 26TBASG/SFI have never been a huge fan of Hood, he's this high based off of opportunity alone. Could jump or drop 20-30 spots easily.
143 Kelly Oubre Jr 23WASSFStill holding out hope he becomes the go-to scorer off the bench. I also envision interesting things with him at the 3 and Otto as the small-ball 4.
144 Cedi Osman 23CLESF/PFThis is an upside play here. If he hits and you can add him to your already competing squad you will be sitting nice.
145 Malik Monk 20CHASGDon't give up on this guy yet. He can get buckets, it's just a matter of the Hornets finding space for him the rotation.
146 Domantas Sabonis 22INDPF/CHe's a nice fantasy rotation player. Could settle in as the first big man on the bench long-term for Indy.
147 Jordan Clarkson 26CLEPG/SGHe could return to being the guy we saw in LA if he gets more touches this season.
148 Danilo Gallinari 30LACSF/PFWhen he's healthy he's a top-75 guy. Hopefully you have an IR spot.
149 Miles Bridges 20CHASFOnce the Hornets find a deal for Kemba/Batum the rebuild will be on. Not expecting much on the defensive side but could be a nice piece to help Pts/Reb/3Pt.
150 Dewayne Dedmon 29ATLCI like big men that can shoot it a little. Dedmon fits that bill. Returning to Atlanta should keep his value similar.
151 Reggie Jackson 28DETPG/SGDon't know if he can stay healthy, but if he can he will be a bounce-back candidate.
152 Rudy Gay 32SASSF/PFCan he improve a little more another year removed from injury? I think so. He's worth the risk this late.
153 Bobby Portis 23CHIPF/CHow does he handle a full-time 6th man role? I'm still a believer
154 Dante Exum 23UTAPG/SGIf he could ever stay healthy I think he would do big things.
155 Denzel Valentine 25CHISG/SFHas shown flashes, but hasn't turned into the prospect I thought.
156 Dillon Brooks 22MEMSG/SFI actually like what I saw from Brooks last year. Good stash.
157 Jakob Poeltl 23SASCThis guy has looked great when given the opportunity. I really think Pop is going to put him in a lot of situations to showcase what he can do.
158 Nerlens Noel 24OKCPF/CCan he become the guy we thought in OKC? Good buy-low target.
159 Marquese Chriss 21PHOPF/CWhen it all clicks you're going to love this guy.
160 Willy Hernangomez 24CHACI still believe in him. There are a few bodies in the Hornets' front court but I believe his talent will win out.
161 Spencer Dinwiddie 25BKNPGThe is a logjam of guards in Brooklyn. If he can ever get a full-time job he will be a great starting PG.
162 Jerian Grant 26ORLPG/SGThis deep he's a pretty good option. Puts up numbers when he gets minutes. Could be Orlando's starter this season.
163 Terry Rozier 24BOSPG/SGHe could be buried on the depth chart, but Scary Terry can play.
164 Allen Crabbe 26BKNSG/SFNice late round add if you need some three-point shooting.
165 Avery Bradley 28LACPG/SGHe should have the chance for his rebounding numbers to go back up some with DJ leaving.
166 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 25CHASFMeh, perfectly average. Defensive numbers have dipped some too.
167 Bojan Bogdanovic 29INDSG/SFOutperformed his draft slot last year. Not in love with him by any means though. Addition of Tyreke clouds things.
168 Rajon Rondo 32LALPGHe's been a great cheap source of assists and steals for fantasy owners.
169 Taj Gibson 33MINPF/CHe should do about what he did last year. Solid rotation big man.
170 Cody Zeller 26CHAPF/CHe's an okay dynasty bench piece. Nice chance to bounce back after last year's injury.
171 Jeremy Lin 30ATLPG/SGAs long as he he's healthy he's going to play minutes and provide a veteran presence. Could outperform this rank by a wide margin.
172 Kyle O'Quinn 28INDPF/CA per-minute monster. Capped upside.
173 Al-Farouq Aminu 28PORSF/PFNice defense and rebounding from a guy that can slot in at the SF position.
174 Patrick Beverley 30LACPG/SGHe is what he is. A low volume scorer that helps a ton with REBs and STLs from the point guard spot. Love him as a backup.
175 George Hill 32CLEPG/SGCould start the year running the show for the Cavs.
176 Ersan Ilyasova 31MILSF/PFNice win now rotation piece you can probably get on waivers each offseason.
177 Montrezl Harrell 24LACPF/CI think he's one of the best sleepers after the Clippers offseason.
178 Luke Kennard 22DETSGDetroit needs Stanley or Kennard to really step up now.
179 Kevin Huerter 20ATLSGLove the fit. This is the guy I thought I'd have ranked highest compared to his actual draft spot but Atlanta decided to try and build their own version of the splash bros.
180 Mitchell Robinson 20NYKCHe's going to be a project but there is some upside here. Very interesting story for this guy. Rebuilding target.
181 Alex Len 25ATLPF/CThis is a pretty decent landing spot to be honest. I like Dedmon but I can't imagine he's their long-term plan at Center.
182 JaVale McGee 30LALCIs he going to be the starting Center?
183 Marvin Williams 32CHASF/PFAfter a horrible start, Marv has bounced back. Should finish around the top-125, just getting up there in age.
184 Thon Maker 21MILPF/CHe's still crazy young. Definitely worth the stash if you're rebuilding.
185 Zach Collins 21PORPF/CHe's going to turn into a nice PF/C guy that can stretch the floor on offense and block some shots.
186 Justise Winslow 22MIASF/PFI might be the last remaining believer in Justise Winslow. Maybe a trade and a new scenery are what he needs?
187 De'Anthony Melton 20TBASGFell into a perfect system to showcase his game. I think the Rockets will have some roster change this offseason, so don't get too hyped yet.
188 Kelly Olynyk 27MIAPF/CI have never really been a huge fan of Olynyk. He's a decent stretch big but you can probably do better.
189 Trey Lyles 23DENPFIf he's going to be a guy that knocks down 1.5 threes per game he's going to get minutes somewhere eventually.
190 Skal Labissiere 22SACPF/CNot crazy about Skal but you can do worse this deep. Still some upside.
191 Tomas Satoransky 27WASPG/SGHe was pretty good down last year. He was weirdly benched for Lawson at times, but his talent should win out eventually.
192 John Henson 28MILPF/CRebs and blocks specialist.
193 Moe Harkless 25PORSFMight Not be the guy I hoped he would turn into but someone needs to step up at SF.
194 Elie Okobo 22PHOPGPick 31? What? That’s insane. He has starter potential, possibly by the end of this season. I'm all in on Okobo if you can get him in the late-teens/early-20's.
195 Stanley Johnson 22DETSG/SFDetroit needs Stanley or Kennard to really step up now.
196 Courtney Lee 33NYKSG/SF Getting up there in age but you can enjoy the production for now.
197 Wesley Matthews 32DALSG/SFHe's actually come back better than expected from the Achilles injury. For a contending team, Wes is a nice value.
198 DeMarre Carroll 32BKNSF/PFEvery once in a while I nail a call. DeMarre Carroll bouncing back is one of my best calls of last season. Ride him while you can.
199 Justin Jackson 23SACSFThe last guy to make the list. The starting SF job is up for grabs in Sacramento. Let's see if he can seize it.
200 Harry Giles 20SACPF/CCould be a lotto ticket that pays off in a huge way.
201 Jeremy Lamb 26CHASG/SFSkeptical he can repeat last year's numbers without the Hornets making a move or two.
202 Brandon Knight 27PHOPG/SGHe's my guy from way back. Sleeper for the guy that comes out of no where to remind everyone who he used to be.
203 Delon Wright 26TORPG/SGOlder than you probably realize. I think he could put up a really nice stat-line in a full-time role, I just don't know if that will ever happen.
204 Tyler Johnson 26MIAPG/SGI'm not really sure what to make of the Heat backcourt situation. There are a ton of bodies there, and the only one I feel confidient in is Josh Richardson.
205 Dion Waiters 27MIASG/SFHe has shown flashes here and there of what he could be if it all clicked, I just don't think it ever will. He's a bench guard with potential to have starter-quality stretchs.
206 Austin Rivers 26WASPG/SGHe will take a step back in Washington, but I don't think he falls off a cliff. He will settle into a guy that finishes around the top-150-175.
207 Pascal Siakam 24TORPFWith Poeltl out of the mix Siakam could take another step forward. The backup PF spot is up for grabs.
208 Jerami Grant 24OKCSF/PFHe's a really good shotblocker. His defense alone could make him fantasy relevant in deep leagues.
209 Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk 21LAL Dude is a straight shooter. Let's see what happens in a few seasons.
210 Jae Crowder 28UTASF/PFHe was better down the stretch but I don't think we ever see the old Jae.
211 Danny Green 31TORSG/SFBench source of defensive stats and threes. Should get a ton of looks playing off of Lowry.
212 Trey Burke 26NYKPGPlayed really well down the stretch. Franky is the guy long-term, but Burke is a solid play for now. Should be the backup at worst.
213 Michael Beasley 29LALSF/PFLet's see where he ends up. Was actually pretty decent at times last season.
214 Grayson Allen 23UTASGOne of my bigger risers in the 20's. I like the fit in Utah a lot. He should come in and knock down three's and get you a few steals right away.
215 Sterling Brown 23MILSG/SFWouldn't be shocked if he sees some time starting at SG as soon as this year.
216 E'Twaun Moore 29NORSG/SFHe isn't a superstar by any means, but he's a capable SG that is a nice bench guard or streaming option when you need a SG.
217 Derrick White 24SASPGGoing to play minutes this season for the Spurs.
218 Norman Powell 25TORSG/SFHe could still turn into the guy he's shown flashes of. Adding Kawhi presents a decent chance to buy at a discount.
219 Frank Kaminsky 25CHAPF/CMeh, I guess. I'm not sold on Zeller and who knows if Willy gets a fair shake.
220 Robin Lopez 30CHICHe can still be a decent bench big man if he gets enough minutes. Chicago could bury him on the bench if they can’t find any trade partners.
221 D.J. Augustin 31ORLPGHis only competition is Jerian Grant and Briscoe. I woudn't be shocked if he has decent value early in the season.
222 Seth Curry 28PORPG/SGHe's going to bounce back to his pre-injury form. Nice pick in the last few rounds.
223 Shabazz Napier 27BKNPGGoing to be crowded in Brooklyn. Not sure he sees the floor enough to matter.
224 Wade Baldwin 22  He's probably going to be the backup point guard and has the poential to challenge for the top-125 down the road. He was a higher first round pick.
225 Wayne Selden Jr  MEMSGCould carve out a nice role off of the bench.
226 Richaun Holmes 25PHOPF/CHe's had some flashes where he has filled up the stat-sheet. Can he carve out 20-25 minutes a game off the bench? He's be worth rostering if so.
227 Nemanja Bjelica 30SACPFHe's on the wrong side of 30 but he was excellent down the stretch last season for fantasy owners. Will definitely get minutes for the Kings.
228 Furkan Korkmaz 21PHISGThis dude has a ton of potential. Only 20 years old and in a system that has done a good job of developing their own guys.
229 Tyus Jones 22MINPGIf he can ever get minutes he will be a solid fantasy option
230 Frank Mason Jr  SAC Deep stash but has shown some NBA skills. Could open season as the backup PG.
231 Ivica Zubac 21LALCCould be in the mix for the starting job this year
232 Andrew Harrison 24MEMPG/SGI actually really liked Andrew Harrison coming out of college. When he gets minutes he's a decent producer.
233 T.J. McConnell 26PHIPGHe's probably still going to carve out 15-20 minutes. They seem to love him in Philadelphia.
234 Yogi Ferrell 25SACPG/SGHe's going to be buried on the depth chart but should still finish around the top-200.
235 Justin Anderson 25ATLSFHe's probably the backup SF on a rebuilding team. There could be a chance for him to be a decent bench contributor.
236 Marco Belinelli 32SASSG/SFCould play a bigger role this year than a lot of people realize.
237 Wayne Ellington 31MIASG/SFThree point specialist.
238 Royce O'Neale 25UTASFDoes a little bit of everything. I'm not sure if there will ever be enough minutes to go around in Utah, but he will get a chance at a rotation spot this year.
239 Cory Joseph 27INDPGSteady backup guard. Not flashy, but a help in deep leagues.
240 Joe Harris 27BKNSG/SFI was higher on him until they added more bodies into the Brooklyn backcourt.
241 Andre Iguodala 34GSWSG/SFHelps out some with the countin stats.
242 Ryan Anderson 30HOUPF/CNever liked this guy but he can hit 1.5-2 three's when he's right.
243 Garrett Temple 32MEMSG/SFMemphis wants to be good this year. Temple should put up similar numbers to last season.
244 Dragan Bender 21PHOPF/CIt's been ugly so far but he's still so incredibly young. I think he can develop into a semi-playmaking big man with time. You're going to have to be patient and stash him.
245 Jahlil Okafor 23TBACIdk? Maybe he finds a role to play minutes as the back-up big man somewhere and can put up some points/rebs.
246 Deyonta Davis 22SACPFFor some reason I'm still not out on him. Don't like the trade to Sacramento.
247 Jonah Bolden 22PHIPFWith Ersan leaving I would imaging we see Bolden sooner rather than later. I think he fights his way into minutes toward the end of his first season.
248 Guerschon Yabusele 23BOSSF/PFIt will be a few seasons, but he could turn into a really nice player down the road.
249 Davis Bertans 26SASPF/CI'm not extremely high on this guy. Probably a better real life than fantasy player, but the Spurs have made diamonds out of less.
250 Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot 23OKCSG/SFOKC is an interesting landing spot for TLC. He's going to be hard-pressed to find minutes but OKC had done a great job on development. He's a hold.
251 Cameron Payne 24CHIPGHe's got sleeper upside as the Bulls backup PG. If he can stay healthy he could really help out in the counting stats.
252 Juan Hernangomez 23DENSF/PFHe really needs to add the 3-point shot.
253 Patrick McCaw 23TBASG/SFI want him to go somewhere he will get the chance to play real minutes.