Fantasy Basketball Week 5 Schedule Primer

Week five is here in Fantasy Basketball and this article provides you with a tool to take advantage of the schedule to win your head-to-head league matchups.

Congratulations. You have survived the first month of the season!  Depending on your league, there are somewhere around 15 weeks left before the playoffs begin, so still plenty of time.  Now is the time of year where I seriously start exploring the trade market.  I look to sure up my team and put the pieces together for a championship run.

Other than that, I am streaming away.  That is what brings us together today, so let us get to it.  Do not forget to check out the fantastic Advanced Schedule Grid on Hashtag Basketball.

Weekly lock leagues

Tip of the week:  The Oklahoma City Thunder play just two games this week while nine teams play four times.  That makes decisions on Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony slightly tricky.  I would bench every other Thunder play in a standard league unless I needed a center and owned Steven Adams.

Note: 20 teams play three games this week.  That makes those players safer options.  I doubt you are benching any top 50 player who has three games this week, so do not freak out if your lineup features a handful of three games players.

Top 10 potential pickups playing four games:  (All ownership percentages based on ESPN leagues and under 40 percent owned was the cut-off for available on the waiver wire):

  1. Donovan Mitchell- Utah Jazz- (22.5%)- Mitchell earned the starting nod, and he will produce. Expect some up-and-down production, but he is worth holding the rest of the season.
  2. Rodney Hood- Utah Jazz- (25.8%)- Hood is a points stream even coming off the bench for Utah.
  3. Tyson Chandler- Phoenix Suns- (21.8%)- The fly in the ointment is the potential Greg Monroe return, but Chandler seems to be the one getting consistent minutes
  4. Maurice Harkless- Portland Trail Blazers (5.2%)- Say what you want about Harkless, but I will take a block and a steal per game from one player any day of the week.
  5. Taj Gibson- Minnesota Timberwolves- (30.7%)
  6. Tyler Ulis- Phoenix Suns- (2.3%)- He and Mike James appear to be splitting the position, but Ulis earned the start last time. Perhaps that means more playing time going forward.  Stay tuned.
  7. Mike James- Phoenix Suns (19.2%)
  8. Evan Turner- Portland Trail Blazers (19.6%)
  9. Thabo Sefolosha- Utah Jazz- (1.2%)- Steals streamer
  10. Alex Len- Phoenix Suns (17.2%)- It is possible Monroe’s return boots him from the rotation, but he has been stream-worthy this season so far.

Daily roster changes

Head-to-head leagues with daily roster changes are the optimal conditions for streaming players.  Most leagues create a limit to the additions for the week to keep the streaming from getting out of hand.  That makes the goal to maximize the pickup's usefulness by using back-to-back sets or just any schedule advantage.

First, a word on the schedule itself: The two heaviest gamedays this week are Wednesday and Friday with both featuring 11 games.  That will make streaming nearly impossible.  Monday is next with nine games which put it on the fence.  You should be able to stream on the remaining days.  It is not a good week for taking advantage of the schedule, though.  You may be forced to play matchups for one game only this week.  Check out below to see the potential additions.

NOTE: The Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics, and Houston Rockets each have the top schedule this week with three games on light schedule days. Their players you can target and hold them through the week for three games in your starting lineup.



No teams scheduled

Tuesday-Thursday pseudo

Boston Celtics

Marcus Morris (30.1%)- Morris is still working his way back from injury but should see a safe 25 minutes a night and provide solid points, rebounds, and 3-pointers in that playing time.

Terry Rozier (25.6%)- Rozier is hot right, so ride the streak, but expect four rebounds, two assists, eight points, and half a steal per game on average.

Aron Baynes (6.3%)- Baynes should provide healthy rebounds in his limited playing time.

Houston Rockets

P.J. Tucker (7.2%)- Tucker is a steals and 3-pointers stream as he should provide about 1.5 per game in both categories.

Thursday-Saturday pseudo

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors have been resting veterans and changing their rotation on a game by game basis making it difficult to endorse any bench player.  I will mention Andre Iguodala for assists and David West for blocks, but both men could rest in one of these two games.  Good luck.

Boston Celtics

Mentioned in Tuesday-Thursday pseudo

Houston Rockets

Specified in Tuesday-Thursday pseudo


Golden State Warriors

Mentioned in Thursday-Saturday pseudo

Looking ahead to Week 6

Perhaps, you have an extra addition heading into Sunday and would like to take advantage of both Sunday and the beginning of next week.  Here is the place for you:

Sunday-Monday of Week 6

Minnesota Timberwolves

Taj Gibson (30.7%)- Gibson is playing 30 minutes a night and should provide close to a double-double in that time.

Washington Wizards

Kelly Oubre Jr. (21.6%)- Oubre Jr. is going to play fewer minutes with Markieff Morris ramping up his minutes, but he provided decent rebounds and steals.

Tim Frazier (0.3%)- Frazier is averaging over four assists per game in limited minutes.  Not the worst addition if you need dimes.

Denver Nuggets

Jamal Murray (34.4%)- Murray is a points and 3-pointers player, but he is worth owning all season long.  Pick him up as the production should continue to improve for the 20-year-old.

Emmanuel Mudiay (15.8%)- Mudiay is averaging 3.5 assists per game this season and makes for a reliable stream for dimes.

Detroit Pistons

Ish Smith (6.8%)- My favorite assist stream of the set as Smith can fill up the category even in limited minutes.

Indiana Pacers

Bojan Bogdanovic (30.5%)- Bogdanovic is a points and 3-pointers stream and should be worth.

Corey Joseph (4.9%)- Corey Joesph provides a nice across the board stat line for a 14 or 16 team league and should help you a bit in each category for a standard league stream.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, your team is in first place after four weeks, and you found this article useful.  Please check back with us next week for another edition of the Schedule Primer.  Be sure to check out the Watching the Boxes Podcast for all the fantasy basketball information you need in podcast form.

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